Awesomely Radical
Innovation Company

Dedicated to creating truly awesome, unique,
individualized experiences for everyone.


 This changes everything... 

Storytelling --
Once reserved for only the eloquent

has entered a new age. 

The human mind now wields a new tool.

Now is the age of cybernetic art.

At Awesomely Radical Innovation Company, we're harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to democratize storytelling, allowing every human to weave tales through rich role-playing, captivating adventures, and immersive narratives.

The future of storytelling lies in the ability of our new tools to engage in entertaining and useful conversation with us.

Conversations will include human and non, in any fantastical or practical setting, involve characters from history, fiction, or developed from your own ideas or the minds of others.

Games with dynamic global lore, unscripted but intelligently generated and merged with the existing universe.

Individualized storylines woven into those of other players, all contributing to the global lore.

And further--individual companions, not just assistants, that learn and grow with us.

And further still--as our companions talk to each other and the web, economic activity will become abstracted from us, carried out at a layer we need know nothing about.

Work will blend with life, and become a thing of design and decision.

People will return to the Earth, freed from desks and commutes, opening eyes and hearts to the greater challenges that face humanity.

 Our Values

Radical Innovation

As evident in our company name and our focus on utilizing AI tools for storytelling, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. This spirit of innovation and the drive to create truly unique, individualized experiences for everyone is a central pillar of our ethos.

Awesome Experiences

We want each person to have a hand in developing the stories we each love. To become immersed in our own worlds while collaborating on their creation with our friends and all of humanity. We believe the greatest experiences have yet to be had.

Human-centric technology

Despite the focus on AI and advanced technology, we place the human experience at the heart of everything we do. Our ambition is to create AI companions that learn and grow with us, enabling humanity to greater things.

 Our Team

A networker and a developer, with the help of our AI assistants.